Moms Of Muslim

images (2)Assalam o Alaikum
I hope and pray that All of you are reading this in best form of mental and physical state
First of all i want to make this thing clear that i have no intention of offending your method of upbringing of your little ones .I know you all are Ma sha Allah great mothers and still striving to bring excellence in lives of your kids.This is what i am doing as well.striving for excellence and trying my best to introduce every thing best to my kids and like every mum i wish that my kids prosper in their lives in all aspects.
But there is one aspect in which i was not putting my best without even realizing .untill recently it dawned on me that this is not enough.I was doing normal things with my kids like helping them in memorizing some surahs.and telling them basic facts .
Can you recall how much we were involved in Islam( seerah of Prophet and Quran ,the ultimate source).As far as i remember from my life after completing  Quran ( only arabic version  ) we use to open it every Ramadan,offering prayers on and off.same routine continues in our school and college life and further.All of us were very busy in studying ,enjoying school/college life and planning our future.
What happened then.??Got married and now you have your family Alhamdulillah.( hopefully Happy and satisfied).life has been so busy.From job to home ,home to job..looking after are doing your best to make every thing right even neglecting your self.
I hope and wish that most of you have got the chance to study and practice islam and implementing it in your lives.
Actually all of us are satisfied with fact that we are living in Islamic state and our society is muslim.Do you really think so ?
Our times were different .Technology has made all the difference.We were exposed to all these things at age of 16 or 17 years .Our kids have it since birth.every thing is just one touch away.Can you stop them or control them from every thing which they are exposed too.Then what to do..

Well this blog is all about what to do with your kids to inculcate faith in their hearts.May Allah guide every one of us so that we can contribute in raising productive Muslim generation. Ameen


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