The Right way


Whenever i envision my kids future i wish to see them as some robotics expert or space scientist etc etc..some super catchy and fancy fields(still will allow them to pursue their own dreams IA) .Believing like every mom that my kids are super intelligent ( hope so In sha Allah).
As parents we will not left any stone unturned.but.  aah then there is this but….all these if and buts always annoy us…..we say nothing is certain ……alk depends in luck and effort etc etc..


So gals there are two options.
If you nurture your dreams without fueling soul with faith and wisdom of religion you may or may not get their.It all depends on Allah.still in this we are not making any effort to make here after easy for them and a sucess
But if we follow the other option i.e.instilling faith in their hearts and wisdom in their minds by following the steps prescribed in Sunnah and Quran In Sha Allah one thing is sure our permanent life will be secure.and there are pretty good chances that with this they will also excel in this world as well.

We have to constantly remind our selves that this world is should be a daily reminder.
Things to Do :Do one thing set reminder in your phone with subject of Temporary world and make it ring when you wake up.this few second reminder at the start of day will change perspective of world slowly and how you see things as we are so much indulged in illusions of this world.

May Allah the glorious guide us in making the right choice for our kids.And. accept our deeds so we may be together in Jannah In sha Allah



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