I am sure this cliche ring bells in minds of most you.yes most frequently used lines from our favourite series Harry potter in which it refers to Lord voldemort.remember what he signifies ” Evil”
If i just rephrase this line a little D’nt take his name or else he will come. If you ponder a little then you’ll realize how many times we used such kinds of lines in our daily routine and to whom we are refering to yes satan ,the cursed one .
Realizing this fact in my house i named him “D” as for devil. So whenever i have to refer to him i used letter D and my kids understand to whom i an referring


1.if you have kids of age 3 or above introduce the concept of Satan and let them choose the name to give him.e.g the most disliked or evil character etc from their cartoons or movie etc.
If you think your kids can easily digest details of stories then narrate them the story mentioned in surah Baqrah in nobel Quran.skim details according to age of your children .
Tell them about the promise he made with Allah to astray the believers from right path
Tauz: In most of schools, kids memorize Tauz in play group or nursery.
Tell them its meaning and then impliment it.
How : remember the promise which Satan made to Allah how he will distract us .so whenever your kids are doing some thing wrong or inapropriate tell them that they are not doing it,its satan and make them recite Tauz instantly and keep on repeating it again and again and then they will stop doing this.
This trick worked for my kids mostly and easiest way to stop children from something wrong.

image is he to us.and May Allah protect all of us from his curse.Ameen
Stay blessed and spread this nessage:)



  1. I really like your idea of introducing the concept of the devil/satan and then allowing the child to pick a name for it. Otherwise what happens is, when children grow up and start speaking up about these things with other children, they hear scary jinn stories and all sorts and become terrified of it – which isn’t nice for them and can be an avoidable fear inshaAllah 🙂

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  2. I don’t understand why you need to introduce Satan to children at such a young age. Children, by definition, are not “baaligh” (mature) and they cannot sin. This is simply because no sins are recorded for a child! Only when they reach maturity, the age of accountability, then they are held accountable for their deeds. However, a child *is* all “nafs”–the lower, base self which is full of desires and is stubbornly inclined to fulfill them. I don’t think telling a child about nafs would help, though. Just telling about Allah and Paradise and everything good. I’m not a mother, so my inexperience may be showing in this comment. But I still think age three is too young an age to tell a child that they are being whispered to by a jinn!

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    1. Well may be ..but point is if you are living in a same house and on one side there is all dance / songs stuff….and other things like that. And earlier mentioned some where that satan does beautifies evil to us and they get attracted to such things…so introducing it helps a lot that these are bad things ….and not from Allah …
      And main point is he does exist and perform such role in our life..we constantly have to defeat why not let our kids know about it …that they have to make Allah happy not satan…
      Btw its just my thought and it worked fine with my kids…up to u when u have In sha Allah😊

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  3. I love the last tip telling your kids it’s not actually them is an amazing thing, it make them understand that they’re not naturally “bad” and mommy is not mad. I just hope that by doing this the kids are not going to purposely do bad things and blame Satan for it because you know at this age they have a pretty wild imagination ! I hate saying the “D” word to be honest it’s scary

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  4. I don’t have children but I remember growing up that Shaytaan is talked about alot. As is the punishment from Allah. What I find so comforting about our religion is that Allah is full of mercy and love yet we do not teach this to little ones. We put this concept of the devil in their lives far to early. Though of course it is something they need to slowly become aware of but I feel we need to talk about the Angels and Heaven much more than Hell. The target should be to attain Heaven rather than “do good to avoid hell”.

    Great post !!


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  5. I still try not to ascribe to much emphasis on Satan. I do tell my kids once in a while that that is the thing shaytaan likes not you. BUT rarely is he a topic in our home!


  6. Simply wow. Yes i remember that this is probably how my parents had managed to ingrain the message in my head when i was young.
    You know i sometimes wonder there are so many small things like these that we learnt in our childhood and have now become such a substantial part in our lives. We dont think twice about where all this knowledge about right wrong deen dunya cae from and how much efforts our parents made.

    Hina –


  7. jazakAllah for your sharing Maria,
    I used to tell my kids about the story Prophet Ibrahim and the Satan who used to lead him Astray from the sacrifice.
    otherwise tell them why we recite Tauuz.? and its meaning.

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