Two Angels

Stories of angels always fascinate our children.There are so many facts that are so apparent and yet so ignorant.
Since our childhood we know that we have two angels on our shoulders.”Karaman katabain”
The angels who record both our good and bad deeds.But we have long forgotten this concept.Our good deeds are recorded and so are bad ones.


Things to Do
Tell your kids about this fact.
And ask them who they are keeping busy.
The right one
The left one.
If they are doing Good things ,appreciate them and also mention that his right angel is busy
And if they are doing something wrong..and not listening to you..then say it loudly oh some body’s left sangel is busy..they will respond to you..


Slowly also equip them with knowledge and belief of hereafter.i.e,we have angels on our shoulder.
P.s..Be prepare for lots of Questions from your little genius.(answer them with wisdom and trick as they can’t digest every detail
may Allah guide us and may our children prosper in both worlds (ameen)


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