Dig Deeper


You know you have to dig deep to get to the root cause of any problem.
The problem which may arise in future if you d’nt dig deep today .Guessed what i am talking about ??
Well i am talking about talking to your children
Talk to your children and that talk should be gadgets free.well all of us talk to our children.d’nt we..and some times they eat our brains in doing so.but most of times it is related to studies .like how was your quiz and we generally ask How was your day.??and they say good.etc.and some of the talkative one they used to tell whole story.
Well the point is to allocate atleast 10 mins for this dig deep session in your routine.this is mostly for school going kids because they spend 7 to 8 hours away. So give them time and listen to them this will ultimately develop their habit to discuss things with family which are bothering them.
Ask them to tell you
what are good things about day
What are the things which made them feel bad.
How could your day be better ?
May be most of times you end up finding nothing but point is , if there is something you will not miss it.
And most important thing of this session control and manage your reactions.
If they are telling you something which you think they shouldn’t be doing.Do not react.adress it later in a polite way.if you show your anger or scold them, they will not tell it to you in future.


Best of luck
If you start this, then do share your experience .Was it helpful or not ??


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