Be the Change


Yes it is.Be the change you want to see in your children.If we want to raise kids embeded in islamic values, what are the steps which we have to take.
Be the example : It is frequently said that they do what they saw not what they are told to do.So the first thing which you have to modify is Your own self.Plan your things ,little things in your house and make small changes . Do it in islamic way.
I will tell you mine little things which i am doing.
Recite Bismillah loudly before every thing you do.So that they can hear it .
Tell them Allah has made everything so we recite Bismillah before doing every work so that Allah help us in completion of task
Similarly say Alhamdulillah .not only after finishing meal ,but after every thing like after reaching home safely from school .etc.
When Drink water ,drink it in Sunnah way.if you tell your kid to say bismillah sit and drink it in 3 sips .you also have to follow this sunnah as well.they will see you and follow d’nt have to tell every thing if you are practising it they will follow it.
When Abeeha was bit over 2 years old i make her memorize small duas
dua for increasing knowledge
Rabbe zidni ilma
And i make sure to remind her to recite this before studying and same reminder i give her before sending her to school.
there are small duas.dua for sleeping,eating meal etc.incorporate them in your life

Similarly i personally d’nt like music and d’nt play it on phone or on tv.Although she used to listen it from her surroundings and like it as well but she knows her mom d’nt like it and d’nt do this.well i said to her if you listen music your heart will get dark
Its up to you if you can go this far in implimentation or not.

These days i used to play her nasheed (arabic name for poem) of names of Allah before sleeping and she has remembered quite a few.but then thought came in my mind that i also want to tell her meanings of those names at first i just came across simple translation of Al rehman beneficent but more than this i d’nt know much to tell I found an e book on this topic (will share details IA later )

Most importantly include Quran in your life so it can be part of their lives as well and let your children notice this inclusion.let them also listen recitation as well.
Take small steps slowly but firmly.IA one day when you will look back you will see a big change.IA



3 thoughts on “Be the Change

  1. If you don’t like the music or don’t listen to it then it is your will and if she is listening and i think she is not doing anything wrong. Islam does not prohibit art and music is form of art. if we start telling our Children like that their heart will go black what impression they will take when they hear music in their surrounding, in their school,College.That was very strong statement to tell to a children of 5 year old. We have to be very careful about telling them what is right and what is wrong, You should emphasize on telling them the true version of Islam.


    1. Well,How can i inculcate something in a child if i am not sure about it.i know you researched alot about things.but one thing about which i am sure is this that music is not permissible in islam.and i beleive both music and Quran can’t co exist in heart.Still i am in process of learning and i want my daughter to be part of this journey.if she fill her heart with wordly distractions then it will be difficult for her to fight for her faith.this is just my wish and i will do my best .
      And i will pray for her and then leave the matter on Allah’s decree.

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