Happy Friday

Well apart from the fact that weekend starts on friday , it is also declared as Eid day for muslims anong all these days.So make friday special for kids too.
Sunnahs of fridays


Do send your kids to mosque in friday prayer specially and pray with your little girls in home.
Before or after mosque visit,give them tasbeeh and say its friday so recite durood.(Alhamdulillah i do this ).help them in memorizing any shirt durood according to their age
Recite surah kahf.take time out of your routine and make a mental note in your kids mind.e.g What i do is
,i said hurry up finish this,its friday and i have to recite surah kahf.
When they are done with tasbeeh ask them to pray to Allah for their special and ordinary wishes because only Allah can grant them.


Sunnah way of trimming nails



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