Masjid and Women


I am currently reading a fabulous book titled “The ideal Muslimah”.
Just going through First chapter and i am amazed by the fact how much muslim women used to be involved in all masjid related activities whether it be a congregatinal prayer or learning activities.Even some Sahaba d’nt like this but Prophet (pbuh) forbade them from stopping the visits to mosque .if they want to then they must come.and it is not obligatory to offer all their paryers in congregation because it is difficult for them to manage all household activities and then be present at mosque on specific times five times a day
And our beloved Prophet laid great emphasis on presence of women in Eid prayers even the menstruating ones used to attend the prayer ( they d’nt offer prayer but part of festivity of Eid )
This used to happen even at the time of four caliphs.
Women used to take full care of “parda” and are not allowed to use perfume in mosque .
In later eras role of women almost diminished from mosque .
Now in our country (pakistan) I just had this impression all my life that masajids are forbidden places for women.
Imagine how wonderful will it be if we could go to masjids and there are learning opportunities for us too easily approachable.
I just wish that it could happen one house is right infront of masjid and luckily have a separate section for ladies but not active.i wish one day it could be transformed in to a learning centre for us.
I happen to read posts of lots of sisters who are living abroad and how masjid is integral part of their routine even in non muslim countries and how productive they are MA sha Allah.
Just hope that May this Masjid culture revive again in our country In sha Allah.


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