Allah’s Money


My kids were playing with coins and all of sudden i just jumped to act on idea which is in my Mind for some time.yes Charity box..
In our childhood we all were obssessed of our money boxes and saving money.
Our kids Ma sha Allah have every thinng they want .idea of saving money is not much popular now a days.
All of us had coins left with us . my kids are very much interested in getting this coin today i told them that you always get this but don’t spend we will make a money box for Allah .and collect all money in it and this money is for Allah.As it is called spending in way of Allah so this is Allah’s Money.
Told them we had lots of good things with us to whom we should be Thankful.but there are people who d’nt have enough.The reason Allah has given us more than them is that so we could share with them all goodness and in this way Allah will be Goahead with idea of Allah’ Money.

P.s My art skills are torturous.please bear with it


4 thoughts on “Allah’s Money

  1. Such a beautiful thought and nice idea mashallah! You remind me of my mom. She made us do a similar thing. She used to encourage keeping aside some money to help those in need. So I had made a wallet and named it Charity to help people as and when needed. Most of it went out to the maids since they had huge families and really needed the money. Do keep sharing such small and nice deeds

    Hina –

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