Are you a Procrastinator


From some time,in my reading stuff..this word Procrastination is repeating alot and i didn’t know what it means and then i looked up.this is what i findout
Procrastinator is person who delays important and urgent work and find pleasures in doing less important rings bells..yes ..
The first thing that strikes my mind is Facebook . yeah i have doing it alot . now a days there is a long list of tasks which i want to accomplish .
But this facebooking is preventing me and making me less productive.
I usually read articles..experiences..and other related things to manage my page about which i am very obsessed now a days.
The point is in doing all this i spend alot of time on looking at things which i d’nt want and have no intention of purchasing (aah..i think this is what succesful advertising is )
So from now on i have decided to put a full stop on procrastination.In sha Allah
Prioritizing what i want to accomplish and how to do it.
I am not a morning person since my school days.
But now i seriously think being a morning person can add a lot to a person’s productivity.


So gals ask this question to your self .are you a procrastinator..if yes than what are the activities which make you one.?
What are the important things which you want to do..
Plan and act accordingly In sha Allah..
Good luck for your life and being productive.
Its now or never



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