Let your life be Guided


Let your life be guided by Holy Quran.Read it..understand it and there is no need to say act on it..because once you start understanding it.its love will stay in your heart and you will set your life according to it In sha Allah

Now the Question is how you can do this
Have intention
Make lota and lots of dua to Allah to instill love of learning Quran and keep you consistent in it.
Now second step is look out for tutor .If your kids have an appointed qari or qaria.join them.it could be in your neighbourhood as well.
If not then if you have internet what else you need.
Lots of Quran teachers are offering their services to teach through skype.
The benefit of having one is that you will have a schedule set to do this
Third option is do it yourself.Lots of apps,websites,youtube video clips and thousands of options are available if you just surf through web.
Make your intention clear and pray alot In sha Allah you will find a way to do this.
May lives of all of us are Guided by Allah and his Book.ameen
And May it be the source to increase our Faith.ameen

P.s This advice is not for mums only.it goes out to all girls and boys as it is easy for you..Make a group.surf internet select lectures on youtube and watch it together and then discuss and ponder.you can do it atleast once a week.you just have to take initiative.Good luck.



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