Allah is sufficent to us


A magnificent and splendid ayah of Nobel Quraan.Explain this to your kids that only dependency they will ever need in life is of Allah Swt.He has the ultimate power of doing every thing right.This realization  will make them independent in life.they will not look here and there for their problems if they know to whom they have to look to for solution and who is the ultimate authority in this regard

Make it a habit of your kids whenever they ask or demand anything from it a little toy or a stationery item…ask them to pray to Allah .He will give it to you .and if you have means and they get their desired things.D’nt forget to make them Thankful to Allah.Apply this to little things and ultimately it will help them and guide them in their affairs of Life In sha Allah.
While writing  this.i just remembered in our islamic studies textbook(d’nt remember grade )we read pray to Allah for every thing as be little as salt or shoe lace….
So let the power of prayer guide the lives of your kids In Sha Allah


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