The Prophet’s Gift


   (AGE group 4-6 years)

Ali and Fatima are celebrating the end of exam season with their friends.they were playing out in a play ground. Before sunset they returned home
Assalam o Alaikum Mama
Walaikum Salam Ali and Fatimah, How was your time ?
It was good.we enjoyed a lot but today it’s really hot outside,we are feeling thirsty , said Ali
Alright , your drinks are ready on table.
Ali and Fatimah picked their glasses in their right hands, sat on their chairs
Drank it in three sips and after finishing it said ALHAMDULILLAH
MAMA IS watching all this. I am really glad you followed a Sunnah way of drinking .
Mama placed her glass on table and prayed after finishing it.
Mama what is this prayer which you say after every time you drink water,asked Ali
I am glad you asked this Ali,it is my wish and prayer (dua) as well.
Every time when I drank water, I make a special prayer to quench my thirst with’’ KAUSAR “
What is Kausar ,MAMA? Asked Fatimah
Kausar, is a gift of Prophet from Allah ,it could be a pond or river .it is in Paradise and ALLAH (SWT) made a reference to it in Surah Kausar (108) in Nobel Quran.
So ,What is so special about this pond ? asked ali
Kausar is whiter than milk and sweeter than Honey and After drinking it no body will feel thirsty again. Allah SWT gifted it to Prophet Muhammad ( PBUH) when his son died and he was very grieved. At that time of sadness it brings Happiness to our Prophet that’s why it is called Gift of Prophet.
Both of them are listening keenly and then asked how we will be able to drink it.?
As it is prophet’s pond so it will be offered by Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) to his beloved followers in qayyamah
Mama how can we be the beloved followers?
We can try our best to lead our life as our Prophet (pbuh) has set example for us and by holding on to rope of ALLAH.I will tell you more about it in our next session. IN SHA ALLAH.
(read next part to continue your journey ,May it be a Journey of knowledge, action and happiness).
Mommies i just had this idea in mind to let our kids embed in Quraan and introduce them in easy way…i plan to bring a series of short stories In Sha Allah to inculcate knowledge of Quraan in our kids as in Pakistan we have very few books all the mommies from all other countries please do comment as you have access to much more quality books.i will appreciate your critical comments as well.
Remember in Prayers.


13 thoughts on “The Prophet’s Gift

  1. Alhamdulillah we are lucky in that in the UK we now have a wide variety of books for children, and more being published….in sha Allah you will get them in Pakistan too. Love the idea of you writing stories for your children.

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  2. Barak Allahumma fiki. I love such stories. This is a nice way to teach children about Islam. I would like to see my son’s reaction on hearing about Kowther. I would like to read the second part soon. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. mashAllah, I learnt something from this story!. I think teaching through stories can be one of the most effective ways to teach young children. I will be bookmarking this page, and hope to read it to my two small boys 🙂

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    1. JazakAllah..InshAllah i will try to bring out more i teresting stuff In shs Allah….and i learn lots of things from your page plus i am glad to finda Mother of boys as i have one and a had difficult time in raising him as compared to my daughter…Jazak Allah kher..😊


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