Rope of Allah


Ali and Fatimah are playing rope jumping in their lawn .
Mama called out them.
ALI AND Fatimah come here, its refreshment time.
Ok Mama we are coming. said Fatimah
You got out said Fatimah to ALI.
No I wasn’t rope didn’t touch my feet
Yes it did, Fatimah insist
Mama broke their conversation by serving a yummy platter of chicken sandwiches
What is it ALI about which you are discussing, asked Mama
Mama rope didn’t touch my foot but Fatimah insists that it did.
Wait a second Mama, in our last discussion you mentioned something about rope, said Fatimah
Yes it was Rope of ALLAH, said ALI excitedly,
Very Good ALI, I am glad that you remember it, said Mama
So MAMA tells us what it is? Asked Fatimah
Okz now listen carefully
In Holy Quran, Surah :3 and verse number 103, ALLAH says
“And Hold Firmly to the rope of ALLAH altogether and do not become divided”
First tell me,when you were playing rope jumping,how are you holding the rope,
I was holding it Tightly ,answered Fatimah
Why?  Asked Mama,
So that it doesn’t slip from my hand and our game doesn’t get disturb
Same is the reason ALLAH (SWT) mentioned in Noble Quran to hold it firmly so that are lives don’t get disturbed
Now I will tell you what is rope of ALLAH?
According to Scholars, by holding on to rope of Allah means following teachings of Noble QURAN and Sunnah of PROPHET ( PBUH).
So what you will tell us today?
Today I will give you a little introduction of Noble Quran.
Quran is words of Allah for his creation, revealed on Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through angel JIBRAEEL almost 1400 years ago and it exists in its original form till now.
As through Quran Allah is talking to his creation so in Quran ALLAH (SWT) conveys his message on numerous topics which cannot be covered in one little book.I will tell you main subject areas of Glorious Quran.
If ALLAH (SWT) is saying us to follow teachings of QURAN for life then what it means ?
It means in Quran ALLAH (SWT) has guidance for us.said Fatimah
Very Good Fatimah ,noble Quran has guidelines for us on how to live our life.
Allah SWT tells us what are the qualities of GOOD PEOPLE and what are the rewards if we follow them.
Then noble QURAN is full of interesting stories of past and some earlier prophets.
It also tells us about the things which we should avoid as Muslim as they are harmful for us.
It contains solution to our problems of life, so we should refer to it on daily basis for guidance.
Ok, Now I want to ask some thing from you ALI.
If you have exam of ENGLISH next week ? How will you prepare for it to get GOOD MARKS?
I will study from my textbook and notebooks.
Same is the case with this world,QURAN is our guide to pass our exam which we all will have   here after.
You cannot pass the exam without reading Quran .and important thing is it is in Arabic language,As we cannot understand it so first you should learn how to read it then also learn what it means with help of translation .
Then IN SHA ALLAH You will be able to understand its Meaning.and can take guidance from it.
May ALLAH guide ALL OF US.Ameen


12 thoughts on “Rope of Allah

  1. I am the first time reading your blog today and I like your story very much. It is a nice style to incorporate a short Islamic lesson into a childrens’game. It is the way how it should be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. JazakAllah Fatima….well this is my second attemp at story writing…i hope it get improved with time…then In sha Allah…by the way you just made my day…Thanks a lot for such lofty comment😊


  2. Ma shaa Allah! This was very eloquently written, this is also my first time reading your blog and I am finding myself thinking to the future! I think is an absolutely wonderful way to teach children of the Qu’ran and Sunnah! The Qu’ran is our guide, anything and everything can be guided through it. I’m not sure if you’ve ever thought of it but have you contemplated writing a children’s series? Lessons? Or even a guide for parents on how to convey these lessons to children? I am not yet a mother (one day, in shaa Allah) but just thinking about how to convey such complexities frightens me –

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jazak Allah…well i am also in my initial stages ….Only if Allah enable me to do this ..i have this blog and fb page on which i share little things….but there are Ma sha Allah wonderful mums in this group and there work is super amazing….May Allah enable all of us to be righteous example for our kids to follow.


  3. I love stories like this that incorporate a lesson. I feel it is better to have simple and short stories that get the point across. JazakAllah khair for sharing.

    Was just wondering, do you intentionally leave out the speech marks when they are talking?

    Liked by 1 person

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