Marhaba Ramadan


Assalam o Alaikum Sisters..
Ramadan is approaching near .. i know its really hot here in Pakistan and we have loadshedding to add fuel to fire…
But we have to celebrate Ramadan not like how media is projecting….
First of all
if you do so then you will have lot of time to do things..
With Ramadan..We also have summer vacations of kids as well..imagine that you are fasting and your energy levels are down and your naughty kids fully  charged are making you mad to the edge of sanity…Stop Stop i D’nt want to scare you. …
Well you can avoid this all by little planning to have maximum benefit of Ramadan….
First of all Ramadan is not about cooking.. Slowly make your family realize this as well
If you spend all your energy in cooking in this summer then you will not have any energy left for ibadah…again plan
ahead..lots of websites are up to this cooking
Search and then select items with less cooking time .prepare ahead like kebabs ..rolls and freeze them….
The objective is to have maximum time for foing ibadah…
Recite Quraan..why not read some translation and tafseer or listen to them…
I will share link in comments of Bayyinah surah Al baqrah join and its free.
Buy Books for your kids to read as it could be best activity to keep them busy indoors and really important to build reading habits….
Unfortunately we d”nt have much islamic books for kids in Pakistan.But there are books by “GoodWords” you can find them in big book stores in Big cities….
If you cannot find them..Do it your self…treat them with stories…
Set incentives like if they finish their vacations homework then they will have a surprise….
Tell them some moral and islamic stories of Prophets Hazrat younus..Ibraheem…yusuf A.S
You can revise these stories but little browsing .
Have you ever considered about memorising Quraan.we all have this wish for our kids but why not You…kill all the excuses which pop in your mind after reading this..start acting ..and involve yor kids..i am not saying …do it in 2 years….read daily…5 ayahs and d’nt forget to involve your kids in this…d’nt think they are too young for this…play an ayah for them and repeat with kids….If you think you cannot then read the article mentioned in comments section

Gaming on mobiles..tablets and ipad is spoiling our generation…it is really easy to give them this…and they can watch whatever they want..coz lots of suggestions are popping in continuously..if they click anything…it can lead to watching them some inappropriate content…Allow 2 to 3hour /week
Hope this will be of some benefit to you..Do let me know of your thoughts..and share if you want to..spread the word.Keep following page as i will be uploading content for multiple activities..on my “momsofmuslims” page


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